I am interested in creative woodwork trending towards functional art that serves to lift the human spirit via beauty, art, and design. I want to build temples large and small. Iā€™m ideally inspired by the Japanese Miyadaiku and their incredible hand carved craft of designing and building important structures. I strive for mythical levels of character in my builds.

Here are some one of a kind creations as my examples of what is possible and what more can come from my creative mind and skill set.

As sculptural elements, the things around us don't have to be just simple things. They can be artifacts from beyond, monolithic inspirations, visual puzzles, beautiful objects to behold and live with. The more you love some THING the more it becomes a part of you. Things are very interested in becoming our friends. All we have to do is love them without measure and they will forever give us everything they have.

My client list includes:

SF bars and nightclubs, Outdoor Music Festivals, Museums, Movie Sets, Photo Shoots, San Francisco homes, Underground Spaces, Oakland lofts, Berkeley Mansions, Skate Parks, Art Houses, Installations and many personal experimentations and studies into creative production. I celebrate over 35 years of building projects large and small. I do Parquetry, Set Building, Framing and Formwork, Joistery, Joinery, Trim, and furniture carpentry. I am also equipped for many handyman jobs.

I'm interested in raising the bar for your piece. If something special is what you are after, then let me gather my special brand of alchemy and re-form the magic into its destination. :) By the way, everything is something special and...a temple.

The magic of creation runs deep within us. It is the same instinctive drive that keeps us coming back again and again to this planet every time the asteroid hits. We rise again like an ant invasion. Nothing can stop our spirit of creation. -Sekdek